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New Books MARCH 2022

Last month we got in our copies of From This Flame by Oumi Konomi and Invisible Parade by MISSISSIPPI from the printer, and last week we just finished sending out all preorders / current orders. We’re still waiting on Glaeolia 3 from the printer, so we’re holding back copies for people that preordered both together until G3 is ready.

From This Flame is a short (64 pg) debut collection of 8 comics from a new JP indie comic artist. FLAME is structured around ideas of myth, and of endings and beginnings.

Invisible Parade expands on MISSISSIPPI’s 2020 digital short story collection Tsukiko and the Satellite and other stories which collected 5 short stories from 2014-2019 in approx. 50 pages. PARADE expands this to 160 pages and 12 stories covering the period 2010-2021, including a ton that have never been available before in English and many that are out of print in their original Japanese editions.

We also have a gorgeous limited printing of MISSISSIPPI’s artwork from Tsukiko and the Satellite (one of the stories included in Invisible Parade). Printed in 5″ square format in 3 color riso by our friends at Cold Cube Press, it’s bursting with glowing summer orange waves and teal afternoon shadows. Grab this one while it’s available, as it is a limited printing.

We will be opening up preorders for some more of our titles with a planned goal to have those release by/in May, so please watch this space and our social media closely for an announcement on this.

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Glaeolia 3 and So. Many. New. Books.

We’ve got a lot of new books on the way, so let’s have a quick rundown:

A Plague of New Preorders

Glaeolia no. 3
cover painting by Chizu Wada
  • What we’ve all been waiting for! Glaeolia volume 3 will be available for preorder shortly, with listings going live at 6pm PST, October 15th. Check out the listings for more details about the book!
    LIVE NOW: Glaeolia 3 [standard edition]
    COMING LATER: Glaeolia 3 [lettered edition]

    Speaking of Glaeolia, we are collecting interest in reprints of Glaeolia volumes 1 & 2 at this form. We will use this information to help determine if reprints are feasible, so please fill it out if you would like to be informed if / when a reprint occurs!
  • Other books going up for preorder!

    When it rains it pours – we’ve decided to also open up preorders for MISSISSIPPI’s Invisible Parade short story collection: get it here. Containing over 12 stories and covering over a decade’s worth of work, this is the definitive collection of Kyoto-based painter and comic artist MISSISSIPPI’s comics work.

A few titles that have already been posted for preorder recently include Tada Yumi’s gorgeous full-color fairytale short story manga The Mermaid and the Prince, the print edition of which also includes an 11 page illustration gallery, as well as Imai Arata’s F, a massive 220+ page work (including an extensive contextualizing essay by translator and manga scholar Ryan Holmberg) which, set in the wake of the Fukushima earthquake and cross-pollinated with the imagery and grammar of the international political landscape of the time, imagines a radically destabilized Japan.

Some Great Indie Works Already Available

Finally, I want to take the chance to highlight some of our other titles that we’ve released over the course of Q2 / Q3 which hadn’t been posted on the front page yet but are absolutely worth your time:

ohuton’s illustrated short story Dear Sara, 1997, Summer is a sleeper hit that’s wowing everyone who picks it up. The author’s English debut, Dear Sara offers a short and poignant mystery of love.

False Stars by Sayaka Mogi is a return to the fantasy world of Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice (published by Kodansha), and presents two heartfelt episodes from the life of the adorable werewolf Mani and stoic hunter Wul. This is also the first time a title from this series is available in print!

Miyoshi’s Rabbit Game (another English debut) “feels like the psychedelic dream manga you’ve wished for but never quite see in reality.”  An inventive, gorgeously drawn surreal take on high school love, and one that evades easy answers to the mysterious events at its heart.

Each of the above three titles are available in both a print and digital edition.

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Children of Mu-Town launching…

After what feels like almost a year of preparation, we are finally ready to release our newest title Children of Mu-Town by Masumura Jūshichi. The author’s debut long-form English publication (a short story of theirs was included in Glaeolia 1), this compelling small-town gang drama was originally self-published at Comitia in Japan.

Currently available to preorder order here, while available preorders will receive a special bonus print when the book ships. We expect to start shipping preorders by / during the second week of April.

Here is a description of the book: Stylistically intermingling themes of gentrification and rebirth within the setting of a classic yakuza crime drama, Children of Mu-Town follows the course charted by youths of an aging residential housing complex who are struggling for their lives: burdened by financial issues, peer pressure, and uncertain futures, ensnared in the clutches of organized crime, they are searching for a way to survive. When a municipal renovation project seems to offer a future of stability for their dilapidated town, the mysterious and far-reaching consequences that their actions set into motion may leave Juichi and his friends with no option but annihilation…..

A stunning modern “tenement masterpiece” manga, Mu-Town is a story of small town gang intimidation, escalating immigration tensions, political intrigue, and the yearning desperation of youth.

208 pages • General Literature • Manga

Please see our preorder listing for more information about this title, as well as more pictures of the book. We have also arranged to run an exclusive preview through Solrad online magazine which you can read here.

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New Book Release: Ripples

“Someday, I wish I could stumble across the memories of certain people that exist in the abyss by gazing at their pain, their sorrow, and the movements of their souls…”

We are proud to share that our new publication, Ripples by Hagiwara Rei, is now available!

Announced on social media earlier this year, the publication date for Ripples has finally arrived. It is available as either a print or a digital version, or you can pick up both through a special bundled option. We also arranged for a limited print run of a special RISO edition of the book with Cold Cube Press.

RISO edition

The “standard” version is a softbound 6×9 book with linen paper covers, while the RISO version is a slightly smaller format sporting soft touch covers, alternate cover art, and is printed in Light Teal with a spot Red color.

This is a sparse and dream-like work, from an exciting new artist working in the Japanese small press indie manga scene, which dwells on memory and family, and follows ambiguous figures that stride through the snowy lands adjacent to the realm of the dead. Ripples explores the processing of grief, and how cyclical mechanisms of human emotion map out a geography of memory inextricably intertwined with the natural world from which we spring. Prepare to be absorbed in a work unlike any other coming out now.

Ripples is translated from the Japanese by Team usa mitten gloves Scarves 2 (sets).

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We are proud to announce ~Glaeolia~, the first from our new series of indie manga finally available in English translation!

Glaeolia is a large trim 7×10 in, 250+ page RISO-printed anthology featuring a deluxe soft-touch cover laminate. This book collects stories of singular beauty and breathtaking originality from a group of twelve indie artists.

Contributing artists include: Arantoochika (@arantootika), Hiuchi tana (@hiuchitana), Kawakatsu Tokushige (@old_schooooool), Masumura Jūshichi (@masumura17), mogcom (@mogra16), Moriizumi Takehito (@moriizumii), Morita Rui (@moritarurib), Okuda Akiko, Onta Niwako (@pyonnurila), Shinnosuke Saika (@toshoneko), Yamakawa Naoto (@emikanta), and Yosomachi (@yososoyo).

The stories selected for Glaeolia include self-published works (dōjinshi), as well as works drawn from indie manga magazines & mainstream publishers. This book will release in a limited numbered print run of 300. There will be two separate listings available: A standard listing listing for the book at 25$ and a limited listing which will allow ordering a specific # from books 1–20. Each of the copies numbered 1-20 will feature an edge dye/stain on the text block. Additionally, they will be hand-stamped, and signed by one of the series editors on the limitation page. We expect it to become available for direct order on our online shop early March soon. More will be announced as the release period draws near.

The ordering period has been announced! We have high confidence the books will arrive soon and have set the ordering period to open Monday May 25 2020 at 6 pm PST (see link for important details!) The books will be available to order through these links: standard, limited.

Thank you all so much for your support! The book is now sold out! We are working on more ways to make Glaeolia available for readers in the future. In the meantime, please look forward to our other forthcoming titles.

For future updates, including notification of when listings are made available, please follow us on twitter at @glacierbaybooks.